Terms & Conditions

The program purpose is to provide high-quality, low-cost assistance to companies that have the potential to become future market leaders, but lack the knowledge, technical expertise, or the resources to do so. The companies that will be selected to participate in this scheme, will be identified as businesses with the highest potential of scaling their business, upon the use of our eCommerce services. To keep the selection process transparent and equitable, all participants will need to meet all criteria, or partially meet some and exceed others.

Participant Minimum Eligibility

  • The business must be registered in the State of Victoria.
  • The business must have been trading for a minimum of three years.
  • The business must have a minimum of three full-time employees.
  • The business must already have a minimum of $500,000 annual revenue from their online sales.
  • The company must have an established eCommerce platform to be able to experience organic growth from an already established website.
  • Their website must be on one the major open source and proprietary platforms that allow for a wide range of customization, automation, and digital scaling (e.g., Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, Adobe Commerce, BigCommerce, Neto, Maropost, WooCommerce, etc.)
  • The business must have a minimum of 300 products on sale to allow for re-structure of the categories based on search intent and data analysis.

Selection Timeframe

  • Applicants will be selected between 1st and 30th April, 2023 based on SME Health Check, minimum requirements and criteria fulfillment.


  • Selected participants will be notified via email & contacted to discuss the next steps of the program after the minimum 16 participants are selected (15th April – 30th April 2023)
  • Ineligible participants will be notified via email after the participants selection is finalized after 30th April 2023

Cost & Program Termination

  • Selected participants will need to invest $24,000 of their own funds into the program to receive the full $50,000* vouchers, payable on commencement of the program
  • The $24,000 are non-refundable.
  • The co-investment of $50,000* concludes for all participants on 30th June 2024
  • Participants can choose to continue the regular program with Megantic upon completion at their own cost
  • Participants cannot be already enrolled as an existing client with Megantic.